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Electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush Product Details

Electric toothbrush Product Details

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The electric toothbrush is a type of toothbrush that uses electricity to drive the head of the toothbrush. It was invented to help people clean their teeth more efficiently. Electric toothbrushes are able to vibrate the brush head at a higher speed and frequency than traditional manual toothbrushes, resulting in more foam and cleaning.

Electric toothbrushes usually include an electric movement, which is the power source of the electric toothbrush. The electric movement drives the high-frequency vibration of the toothbrush head and creates the right amount of pressure to make the toothpaste foam and clean it deep into the teeth.

In addition, the head of an electric toothbrush is usually made of different materials, such as soft or hard bristles, to suit different tooth conditions and cleaning needs. Some high-end electric toothbrushes also feature multiple brush head modes that can be selected according to different usage scenarios, such as cleaning, massage, whitening and other modes.

The advantage of electric toothbrushes over traditional manual toothbrushes is that they can clean between the teeth more deeply and do so with less effort. In addition, the vibrating head of the electric toothbrush can promote blood circulation in the mouth, massage the gum tissue, relieve bleeding gums and oral ulcers and other problems.

Overall, the electric toothbrush is a more convenient and effective oral cleaning tool, but it may be more expensive for some users. When choosing an electric toothbrush, you need to make a choice based on the condition of your teeth, cleaning needs and budget.

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